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Clergy Tax Forms

    Description Source
  pdf Housing Allowance Form Clergy Tax Law Short-Course
    This form can be submitted to the church to allocate a housing/parsonage/manse allowance.  
    Church Accountable Reimbursement Plan Clergy Tax Law Short-Course
    The Church Accountable Reimbursement Plan is intended to
assist churches and organizations in establishing and maintaining
accountable reimbursement policies for their clergy and staff.
  pdf Tax Guide for Church and Religious Organization Publication 1828
    This tax guide looks at the benefits and responsibilities of churches
and religious organizations under the federal tax law.
  pdf Religious Exemption Form 4361
    Examples of a variety of tax exemptions that clergy may be eligible for.  
    4361 Religious Exemption Form  
  pdf Change of Address Form - New Form 8822
    Notify the IRS of a change of address.  
  WEB IRS Publications Online  
    An complete index of IRS tax publications. IRS
Free IRS Publications  
    IRS tax publications affecting church and clergy.. IRS
  pdf Understanding the Clergy W-2 form Form W2
    A summary of what amounts to enter in each box of a clergy W-2.  
W4 Form - Employee Withholding W-4 Form
    Complete this form so that your employer can withhold the correct
federal income tax from your pay.
Parsonage Compensation Package Clergy Tax Law Short-Course
    An example of a parsonage compensation package.
  pdf Housing Compensation Package Clergy Tax Law Short-Course
    An example of a housing compensation package.
Federal Estimated Payments Form 1040ES
    Estimated payment coupons used for federal tax quarterly payments.  
W-2 instructions  
    Instructions from the IRS on how to fill out a W-2 form.  
Filing Extension Form 4868
    Form 4868 requests a six month filing extension for your federal
income taxes.
Installment Request Form 9465
    For those that are having trouble making federal tax payments.
Interest and penalties may still apply.
Clergy W-2 Sample Form W2
    This interactive worksheet will help simplify the preparation of
Form W-2 for clergy.
  pdf Clergy Return Example - New Clergy Tax Law Short-Course
    An example of a clergy federal income tax return including:
Form 1040, Schedule A, Schedule C, Schedule SE, Form 2106
  pdf IRS Clergy Publication - New Publication 517
    IRS Publication 517 features Social Security and Other Information
for Members of the Clergy and Religious Workers
    Church Organization: Do's and Don't  



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