3-Minute Church HR Audit

An HR Audit helps determine the effectiveness of the necessary HR function of your church. It represents a systematic, objective tool to assess regulatory or policy compliance in the workplace, and you can take it as many times as you like...

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Workers Compensation Service

Our payroll system integrates into your workers’ compensation plan. We know that cash flow is important to your church, and workers’ compensation premiums don’t help to ease the cash flow burden...

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Employee / Volunter Screening

Through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS), we now provide our customers access to a simple and affordable background screening solution. Don't believe us? Call today for a free trial!

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Benefit Plan Documents

Many medical expense flexible spending account arrangements (medical FSAs) and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) will need to be amended before 2014 to avoid violating the...

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Take Advantage of Our Payroll or Human Resource Support Solutions

Is your Church Keeping up with the Federal and State Payroll and HR laws?

In large churches, an entire human resources (HR) department navigates the complex minefield of federal and state labor laws. Most small churches think of HR as an afterthought, or HR responsibilities like hiring, benefits, compliance, and payroll falls to a few people who aren’t properly trained. This can be a pricey mistake. Laws concerning overtime, unlawful termination, and equal rights are just a few areas that trip up churches, big and small, all the time.

Labor laws fill volumes and are quite complex. Plus, labor laws vary from state to state! It gets worse—the government is ramping up efforts to check up on organizations and crack down. The Obama administration has allotted $25 million for the sole purpose of investigating those misclassified as “independent contractors,” hoping to reclaim lost tax revenue.. Be smart. Remember that stiff penalties and lawyer fees can decimate your organization.Are your workers properly classified?

Outsourcing with an payroll or HR professional firm can save your church a lot of time and money. Most organizations with fewer than 100 people benefit from outsourcing payroll and labor law compliance and other human resource tasks to payroll or HR professionals. The alternative is risky: employees are often uninformed about and under-trained in labor law compliance. Look out! Federal fines could be in store for you. In addition, HR often falls outside an employee’s main job focus, so getting it wrong or spending valuable time away from primary tasks can cripple productivity in a small church. Get the right person trained or on your team to comply with labor laws.

When a new church is founded, there’s less need for a human resources department- you and your congregational
volunteers are your HR department. But as soon as the church grows, more employees are needed. There’s soon a realization that the HR tasks takes more time and effort than imagined. Most church leaders want to focus on growing their ministry, not spending endless hours on employment or payroll and HR issues. The issue for churches is that failure to comply with these federal and state laws can find them embroiled in unwanted IRS and state penalties, lawsuits, bad publicity, and governmental fines. And as the mantra goes… ignorance is a poor defense.

Having an payroll or HR department or a dedicated professional is typically not possible. Because of this, many churches lack the ability to know:

  • which laws apply to the church, which ones do not, and why
  • which existing laws are changing for the church
  • how do we ensure the church is complying with the requirements of those laws
  • how to avoid needless IRS audits, investigations, fines, and litigation
  • how should the church set up a clergy compensation plan
  • when do we withhold taxes from clergy income
  • what is the correct way to handle professional reimbursements

We offer three support services, HR Support Online, HR On-Demand, and Church Payroll On-Demand.

Church HR Support Online

$120.00 per year
Church HR Support Online is geared towards those that either currently have an HR employee, someone operating in that capacity, or someone that can be designated to fill that role. The online resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Church HR Support On-Demand

$600.00 per year
Church HR On-Demand is used by churches who have no one able to fill that role. In this situation, you have access to a HR professionals who can handle their various HR needs as things arise. Additionally, we will keep them abreast of changes in HR policies, rules, and regulations that can affect their day to day operations.

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Church Payroll Support On-Demand

$600.00 per year
This does include payroll processing.

Church Payroll On-Demand is used by churches who have no one able to fill that role. In this situation, you have access to a payroll professionals who can handle their various payroll and compensation questions that arise. Additionally, we will keep them abreast of changes in payroll, rules, and regulations that can affect their day to day operations.

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Regardless of which service is chosen, you will gain peace of mind knowing the church is in compliance with federal and state laws. Whether your biggest HR challenges are managing employee information or staying compliant with ever-changing employment law, you can rely on your partnership with Clergy Financial Resources.

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