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Crowdfunding is a relatively new way to gather donations from others for things like mission trips. Well known examples of crowdfunding websites include “Gofundme”, “Kickstarter” and “Patreon”. Since it is so new, there is not a lot of official IRS guidance on the subject. According to an IRS letter published... Read More
What is a Social Security Allowance?
If you are a member of the Clergy, you may have seen the phrase “Social Security Allowance” on your W-2 or it might be a part of your compensation package. But what does that mean exactly? To understand, we have to explain a difference between Clergy and Non-Clergy employees. Non-clergy... Read More
Can we classify our musicians as a contractor?
Most churches often struggle with "employee classification" usually with their musicians, nursery workers, secretaries, custodians, etc.  Generally, the IRS looks at three areas: Behavioral Control, Financial Control, and Type of Relationship. In most cases, church musicians do not pass the test of being an independent contractor because of the control... Read More
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