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IRS Releases New Tax Withholding Estimator
The IRS has released an enhanced Tax Withholding Estimator that incorporates changes from the redesigned Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Certificate. The new Form W-4 includes changes that can affect employees’ refunds or the amount of tax they owe. For example, income tax withholding is no longer based on the employee’s... Read More
Hiring Contractors? Get the W-9 Upfront!
Hiring Contractors? Get the W-9 Upfront! Churches that hire contractors have a requirement to obtain their Tax ID Number on form W-9 if they will have to issue a 1099-MISC to them. However, Churches may not know at the beginning of the year if they will pay more than $600... Read More
As the Year Begins, Tax Scams are on the Rise
Tax season isn’t until April, but tax scammers are already looking to take advantage of the upcoming tax season. Here are five quick tips to help avoiding tax scams this year: Be suspicious of anyone that says you must pay or face immediate foreclosure, seizure, jail time, or deportation. Tax... Read More
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