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Business Administrative Specialist

As an important team member of Clergy Financial Resources, the Business Administrative Specialist plays a highly visible role with both our clients and office visitors as our ambassador of client experience...

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Must Churches File for 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption?
The Internal Revenue Code section 508(c) sets out that churches are automatically recognized as tax-exempt under 501(c)(3), and the IRS does not require churches to apply for tax-exempt status if they meet the following criteria: a distinct legal existence; a recognized creed and form of worship; a definite and distinct... Read More
Don’t let your Employee Handbook collect dust
An employee handbook can be the foundation of employee performance or it can be a ticking time bomb that confuses employees. It all depends on how well it’s written and put to use. Churches face many hazards if they try to whip up handbooks on the fly. Too often, handbooks... Read More
Housing Allowance for Clergy Couples
Clergy couples are limited to the equivalent of one housing allowance between the two incomes, providing they live in the same location. In this instance, clergy need to be mindful of the amount requested by each spouse in the annual housing allowance resolution. Generally, any expense to provide or maintain the home... Read More
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