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Business Administrative Specialist

As an important team member of Clergy Financial Resources, the Business Administrative Specialist plays a highly visible role with both our clients and office visitors as our ambassador of client experience...

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How Does the IRS Contacts Taxpayers
Everyone should know how the IRS contacts taxpayers. This will help people avoid becoming a victim of scammers who pretend to be from the IRS with a goal of stealing personal information. Here are some facts about how the IRS communicates with taxpayers: The IRS doesn't normally initiate contact with... Read More
Ministers Defined by the IRS
When a church hires an employee, one of the initial decisions that must be made is whether to treat the worker as clergy, non-clergy employee or contractor. This decision may seem insignificant, but it has huge implications when it comes to payroll. Ministers have what is commonly referred to as... Read More
Is a Pastor's Retirement Gift Taxable?
Federal tax law requires all forms of compensation to be reported as taxable income unless specifically excluded by law. Gifts are one such exclusion. The question, then, is whether retirement gifts are taxable compensation for services rendered or tax-free gifts. This an­swer is not always clear. In a series of... Read More
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