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Accountable versus Non-Accountable Plans
If your Church is paying for your ministry-related expenses, it is important to know if you are being paid under an Accountable plan or a Non-Accountable plan. It has a huge impact on your 1040 taxes. Under an Accountable plan, you are reimbursed for expenses. If you go out and... Read More
I can’t file because they won’t give me a W-2!
Most taxpayers will receive their W-2 forms in January and file their returns, no problem. But what do you do if your employer won’t give you a W-2, or they refuse to correct it? IRS expects you to contact your employer and try to fix it with them, first. Make... Read More
Avoid Classifying Employees as Independent Contractors
Q. Can churches classify paid workers as independent contractors to avoid paying FICA or withholding income taxes from them? A. No. Churches cannot classify paid workers as independent contractors in an effort to save money. They must follow the law. For a non-clergy employee, the church generally must withhold income... Read More
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