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Can Nursing Home Expenses be Claimed as Housing Allowance?
If the clergy person is a permanent resident of the nursing home, the housing allowance applies to the nursing home because the nursing home is the minister's primary residence. Charges for food and medical care are not considered housing expenses. Ask the administrator of the residence to provide the portion... Read More
Tax Deductions for Assisted Living Costs
If you or a family member lives in an assisted living facility, you know that assisted living costs continue to rise every year. But did you know some of those costs may be tax deductible? Medical expenses, including some long-term care expenses, are deductible if the expenses are more than 7.5... Read More
Commuting vs. Ministry Miles
Commute miles are from your home to your first ministry location and from your last ministry location to your home. Multiple trips you make throughout the day to your home are also considered commuting. Returning to the church from home for an evening meeting (such as a board meeting) would... Read More
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