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What Expenses Can Be Used to Justify the Housing Allowance Exclusion?
Generally, any expense to provide or maintain the home can be used to justify the housing exclusion. Regulations do specifically state that expenses for groceries, paper products, personal toiletries, personal clothing, and maid service cannot be used. You may legitimately include the following: (1) rent, principal payments, or down payments plus the cost of... Read More
What is the Estimated Tax Penalty?
The United States has a “pay-as-you-go” tax system. Rather than waiting for the end of the year to get their taxes, the government wants taxpayers to pay smaller portions of tax throughout the year. For most wage-earners, they don’t even need to think about it- Their employer takes money out... Read More
Professional Clothing Tax Deductions
Prior to 2018, everyone could potentially claim a deduction on Schedule A for unreimbursed work-specific clothing and laundering expenses. After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, most employees lost this deduction, but Clergy can still deduct these costs on their Schedule SE. However, there are still restrictions in place on... Read More
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