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Top Employee Benefits Offered by the Church
What benefits does your church offer its employees? This question tends to pop up a lot in job interviews—often right after the interviewer asks “Do you have any questions for me?”. And employee benefits are a fair thing to inquire about; most of us would like to know the perks... Read More
Compensation Guidelines for Church Staff
Are you a church leader preparing compensation packages for multiple positions? Or an individual seeking guidance about your own compensation package? The 2018 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff offers everything you need—including expert articles and resources relative to ministry compensation. Churches often struggle to determine pay levels for their pastors... Read More
Guide to Minister's Compensation
You may find it helpful to begin by considering the goals of a compensation package. A church should provide its staff with adequate income so that they can fulfill their roles without undue concern about current and future financial needs. Freedom from financial anxiety lets the minister focus on his or her... Read More
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