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How do I Determine my Fair Rental Value?
When calculating the Housing Allowance (and how much you get to exclude from income tax), it is necessary to calculate the fair rental value of your home. But how do you do that? Unlike your designated housing allowance or your housing expenses, IRS does not give us a quick and... Read More
Freedom from Religion Foundation opts not to appeal
The Freedom from Religion Foundation, or FFRF, has decided not to pursue an additional challenge of the clergy housing allowance at the Supreme Court level. This means that clergy housing and parsonage allowance provisions will likely to remain in place for tax year 2019 and for years beyond. For those... Read More
Payroll Alert
Question An employee suffered a house fire and lost everything. We gave her $5,000 to help her reestablish her household. Is this emergency assistance taxable? Answer Yes. If the employer’s payment is a gift, it’s taxable and must be included in gross income. The payment is reported on Form 1099-MISC as other... Read More
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